Italian Phonetic Alphabet | Info in Italia

How do you spell out a word in Italian??  Do you know the Italian Phonetic Alphabet?


Italian Phonetic Alphabet | Info in Italia


We are all used to hearing these words thanks to all the police/cop shows on TV  . . . . but in Italian????

How many times have you needed to spell your name or the best one, your ‘Codice Fiscale’!!!

Well if you know the country well enough, it’s actually quite simple!  They use names of cities!

I hadn’t been here that long when I started to work for an estate agent.  One of the services we offered was changing the contracts for the bills, so I was straight in the deep end!  Precious little italian but calling Enel, Vodafone, Telecom Italia etc!

With Enel, regardless of who’s contract you are calling about, they want your Codice Fiscale, fortunately the first time I called, I had a nice lady who told me the secret of Italian Cities!  So I printed a list and stuck it by the phone!

So I now use this all the time, it really makes life easier!


Alfabeto fonetico Italiano