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Do you understand Italian hand gestures??

I am sure I’m not the only person to have notice that Italians just can’t talk without using their hands, but what do all those slights of hand mean?!!??


Luca Vullo explains all!


“One of the most identifiable characteristics of Italian, setting it apart in the world of languages, is its unique use of hand gestures. Everyone recognizes this distinctive trait from Italian culture, even if our use of gesticulation is typically reduced to a simplified folk stereotype.

Imagine then if someone decided to address and analyze this topic in depth, traveling around the world to explain that hand gestures are actually a complex linguistic code and an indelible part of the Italian psyche.

Having made a documentary entitled “The Voice of the Body,” which sought to analyze and didactically present the phenomenon of Italian hand gestures (with a special focus on those used by Sicilians), I began an educational tour in which I literally “taught” Italian hand gestures at many universities across the world, including collaborating with prestigious theatres such as the National Theatre in London .

This journey across continents has allowed me to understand how we Italians are seen by other cultures, which led to a profound self-analysis of our ability to communicate. As you might expect, there was also a real exchange of cultures during the trip — as I provided useful information about Italian to others, I learned how body language is used in other cultures, ultimately giving me a deeper understanding of different customs and traditions. The biggest misconception about Italian gestures is that they illustrate words like charades, but most are actually an abstracted code.”


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