pink flamingos lago trasimeno
Photo credit Giorgio Brusconi


The last time they were seen was in 2015, but captured here on Easter Sunday 2016, by the amateur photographer, Giorgio Brusconi.

On Friday, February 12, they were spotted again near Castiglione del Lago.

The approx. 35 flamingos were again caught on camera by Giorgio Brusconi.

Last year the pictures posted on social networking sites were shared by many people. Maddalena Chiappini, the Oasis Valley quell’avvistamento commented that “for us such an event is a joy and proves, once again, how the ecosystem of the Trasimeno, one of the quality indicators is the passage of migration routes of hundreds of species of birds “.

“This time I was only able to photograph them from a distance” – tells Brusconi – “but every time one can see them is a pleasure and a unique experience.  I went out on the lake by boat very soon after taking the photos but I could not found them again. ”

Did you see them and manage to photograph them?  Please do send me photos and I’ll add them to this post with your name as a credit!


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