Being one of many people who work online I personally found this fascinating!

Here’s a snippet of the article that caught my attention on The Local for you all to see what is possible in this new digital world we live in.


Daniele Ratti has just graduated from the University of Bergamo, but the 23-year-old from Bergamo is not facing the anxious months, or years, of job hunting that await many of his peers.

Earlier this week, Ratti announced that he has sold a 51 percent stake in his accountancy software start-up, ‘Fatture in Cloud’, to the American market leader in accountancy software, TeamSystem for more than €1 million.

Italy is not a country famed for creating young tech millionaires, but it was ironically the unique challenges the country posed that led to Ratti design the software.

“It was difficult for me to make money from previous businesses I’d tried, to set up” said Ratti.  “Regulations here are so complex, but that gave us a gap in the market because foreign accountancy software wasn’t designed for Italy.”

Fatture in Cloud is an online system for managing invoices and allows small businesses and freelance workers in Italy to easily keep track of and categorise their expenses online for a monthly subscription fee of €5.

The programme was designed by Ratti, then a software engineering student, in August 2013 and was officially launched in January 2014.   It was a difficult period for Ratti, who had to balance work and study.  “I worked morning, evening and nights,” he said. “Sometimes with just a break for lunch and one for dinner.”

But the hard work soon reaped rewards.  In its first year of operation, the startup turned over €200,000, money which Ratti reinvested to help it grow.

It was a gamble which paid off: the company has seen three figure growth in 2015 and currently has 45,000 subscribers across Italy.


Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us to make money!

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