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Torre Campatelli, San Gimignano


San Gimignano is no doubt one of Italy’s prettiest historic villages.

Overlooking the Val d’Elsa from a hilltop in the Tuscan countryside, it has largely maintained the same structure and aspect it had in the Middle Ages, with its many towers forming an unmistakable skyline.

Where Italians go


Otranto in Puglia, Sperlonga in Lazio and Cefalù in Sicily dominated a ranking of the 20 most popular historic towns in Italy among Italian users of the travel search engine Trivago.

Dogs Allowed


The stay for the elderly is more enjoyable if they’re alongside their four-legged friend. And that’s just how, in Binascoout near Milan, it arose that the first ‘house of rest’ started to allow guests to keep their furry companion.