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Schopenhauer explained in his principle of identification – which itself generates the principle of egoicity, or put more simply identity – that the ontological determination (or essence) of an individual is the recognition of his or her own unity, or of his or her own subjective and irreducible diversity that exists outside of ones consciousness and sensitivity. And it is exactly this that is the sense of self, a function of diversity or difference. We understand ourselves – who we are – by considering what we are not. What is other, complementary. An ego that in this way measures and identifies itself, recognizes itself and becomes stronger, driven by its own intrinsic desire for distinction and success in the world: the will of power.

It goes without saying that the same principle applies, ad maiora, to the identity of peoples and human groups. Let’s talk about this way, it’s better, because if I ask you – who are you? – the answers could be quite boring and disappointing. So what is our – yes, our, because we live here – European identity? The question is undoubtedly complex. Ancient in fact. We might refer to Western rationalism, from Socrates to Karl Popper, to Judeo- Christian transcendental thought, the praxis of Roman law or tragic Greek vitalism. Or to many other absolute principles or systems of thought of our venerable Western civilization.

Yet I fear that this cultural root, linked to thought and its achievements, is now a faded template in a society so heavily degraded in its moral sense and the victim of a general dumping down through its technological matrix.

If there is any energy left in the Old Continent, albeit corrupted and overthrown by the most sinister materialism and twisted to the logic of the indistinct, it will turn back to its civilizing force. That buried energy like the embers of a fire smoldering under the ashes, ready to flare up into a devastating conflagration and destroy the house. Because the great lie of weak, singular, licensed and indistinct thinking will come to an end. What will oppose the ruin will not be a reasoned argument so much as a visceral revolt. What doesn’t happen through will is going to happen through necessity. Through the vital urgency to counter a real threat: fading away.



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Spiegava Schopenhauer nel suo principio di identificazione – che genera il principio di egoità, ovvero semplificando di identità – che la determinazione ontologica (ovvero dell’essenza) di un individuo è il riconoscimento della sua stessa unità, ovvero della propria diversità soggettiva ed irriducibile rispetto a ciò che esiste al di fuori della propria coscienza e sensibilità.