Have you heard that in July, your TV licence will automatically be added to your electricity bill??

They seem to be taking a leaf out of the BBC’s book and making it so you now have to pay!

So here’s an update from Gareth about it:


‘I wrote recently that the law had changed regarding the TV licence and if you did not own a TV then you would still have to pay the licence fee, in your electricity bill in July, if you were ‘connected’ in some way.

It turns out that this was the original proposal but then it did change to allow those without a TV to make a declaration to the Agenzia delle Entrate and be exempt from the new Canone RAI.

If you are NOT a TV owner and need to make that declaration then I have attached to this newsletter the Modello that you need to complete and submit back to the Agenzie delle Entrate. Good luck with it as I have no idea how efficiently it will work. Let me know if you have any interesting stories to tell after trying.’


Article & Pic source:  Gareth Horsfall

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