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“La Loggetta”, a traditional Tuscan cuisine restaurant, is located in the heart of the historic centre of Cortona.

Housed in the wine cellars of a 13thcentury building, this classic Tuscan-style restaurant will amaze you with its beautiful ceilings embellished with wooden beams, its floors in terracotta tiles, its brick arches and its wall frescoes.

The name “loggetta” refers to the lovely 13th century loggia overlooking piazza della Repubblica, which is characterised by historic and valuable buildings like the Town Hall with its marvellous stone staircase and a 16th century bell tower.

“La Loggetta” is a family run restaurant enhancing the close relationship between territory and cuisine, offering thus classical Tuscan recipes such as ribollita (a bread and vegetables soup), pici in a duck sauce or sliced Chianina steak, as well as chef-created dishes such as spelt whisked with red chicory and grana padano cheese, pecorino cheese with caramelised figs, tortelloni with savoy cabbage and truffle, red turnip gnocchetti in a yellow pumpkin sauce with goat cheese and beef tenderloin with leek and truffle. All fresh pasta is strictly home-made like the delicious desserts that the chef makes daily with passion and ability.

The menu of Restaurant “La Loggetta” also includes special vegetarian and gluten-free dishes showing a particular attention to those who suffer from food intolerances and allergies.

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Piazza Pescheria
Cortona, Italy


+39 0575 630 575 (Main)


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