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Carlo Rossi | Lawyer | Info in ItaliaCarlo Umberto Rossi is a senior partner and founder of  Rossi & Rossi Law Firm.

At present he is also managing director of the Rome Office.

He graduated from the University of Perugia with a degree in Public International Law in 1990.

Before being qualified as an Italian solicitor he began his career with an international law firm based in Frankfurt (Germany) and rose to the position of sharing partner.

During the first years of his career he also worked as an Magistrate Judge  at the State Attorney’s office of the Court of Florence .

In 2000, along with other colleagues, he contributed to the foundation of the Rossi & Rossi Law Firm and throughout the last decade the practice of the firm has considerably flourished in Italy and abroad. His specialised domain of expertise is related to legal matters involving real estate transactions, commercial and Corporate Law in Italy corporate law, litigation and inheritance law.

The laws in Italy are in constant evolution in every field: regulatory, fiscal, civil, penal…, which is why our Law Firm avails itself of some of the finest business lawyers in Italy in order to offer the best service of legal assistance in the country.

To do business in Italy it is therefore necessary to find a lawyer who speaks English and who, at the same time, is competent in dealing with every specific need.

The main services that we provide are:

• Audits and legal assistance in Italy (Rome, Florence, Siena, Perugia, Rimini…
• Corporate Finance
• Tax and Business Advisory
• Advice in property management
• Legal and employment advice

Our network of English-speaking lawyers offers a highly professional service of legal assistance in Italy. We can offer these services in Rome, Perugia, Siena, throughout Tuscany and in the main cities of the country.

Our experience in the sector, which amounts to over 30 years, places us as one of the leaders in the field of services of legal assistance in Italy.

Italy can seem a strange place to those intending to do business here: the way of working and the laws regulating the entire system must be thoroughly familiar to a business lawyer. However, with our assistance, this country can represent an excellent opportunity, both as a market in its own right and as a stage for those who wish to move throughout the whole of Europe.

Our services of legal assistance to foreign investors

Whether you wish to establish a physical presence in Italy or start with a Joint venture, in either case the first step for doing business in Italy must be taken in an informed manner and with assistance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The need for an Italian business lawyer is the starting point for launching a profitable business and optimizing returns on investment. This can all be achieved with the assistance of a lawyer who speaks English and knows all the regulatory and administrative aspects regulating entry into the Italian market.

Our main services are:

Audits and Legal services in Italy

Preliminary controls are the prerequisite for a possible venture into the Italian market. Our legal assistance service in Italy is the result of a vast range of skills, knowledge and experience working with large and small clients in various market areas. Our business lawyers can provide support for your business in Italy to guarantee the best economic result possible, whether it is a simple advisory task or a complex company audit.

We offer our clients a vast array of services of legal consultancy in Italy, with clients who range from individuals to Multinationals. The assistance provided by our business lawyers helps organizations to identify their company objectives and/or to manage the changes, review their computer systems or re-launch company finance projects in order to reach real goals.

Doing business in Italy requires a knowledge of the changes in the Italian fiscal laws and practices that are constantly obliging people to review their fiscal planning, with a consequent increase in the burden of bureaucracy on citizens and companies alike. Our network of business lawyers helps both companies and private individuals to constantly improve their knowledge of the complexity of the Italian fiscal system.

Support Services to Companies
Any new company operating in Italy will find itself with a large number of taxes and administrative obligations to deal with alongside their normal routine of internal accounting. Our business lawyers help foreign investors to plan, select and implement management systems and accounting software that simplify their administrative burden.

Our service of legal assistance in Italy also allows us to Take on specific roles and tasks, including book-keeping and associated services, up-keeping the VAT register and the secretarial service books.
Secretarial Services

Companies intending to do business in Italy must respect a series of legal requirements and complex procedures: the violation of these rules can lead to the closure and prosecution of the company’s legal administrators. Our team of business lawyers guarantees that your business in Italy is correct and up to date with its regulatory obligations in Italy, by means of the constitution of Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships, Unlimited Partnerships, and branches of foreign firms. Our service of legal assistance in Italy includes the administration of companies both as legal head offices and temporary company addresses, on order to guarantee that the annual statements and assemblies are organized and held in respect of the law.

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