Three paintings held to be of great importance taken in 1944 by Nazi occupation troops from a villa owned by the Prince of Luxembourg in Camaiore have been recovered by a section of the Carabinieri that focuses on cultural heritage protection.

The works of art were presented at the Accademia di Brera on Monday. One is an oil painting believed to be by Giovanni Battista Cima, also known as ‘Cima da Conegliano’ (1460-1518) of a ‘Virgin and Child (65×51 cm).

Another is a tempera painting on a panel with a gold background attributed to Alesso Baldovinetti (1425-1499), depicting the ‘Holy Trinity’ (60×38.5 cm).

The third is an oil painting signed by ‘Jeronimus ex Libris’, Girolamo Dai Libri (1474-1555), entitled ‘Circumcision/Presentation of Jesus at the Temple’ (83×101 cm).


Article and photo credit:  ANSA – Milan